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Our Factory
Yueqing Ueone Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in 2012 as a high-tech enterprise which is engaged in producing power inverters, swiching power supplies adopting advanced Taiwan technology, is a high-tech manufacturer design and development with production. Our inverters are featured with low price, stable performance, safety, reliability, long service life etc. We have not only applied for product appearance patents, but also applied for many brands:CARUTU, UEONE, YWVW.
Our Product
Power inverter, switching power supply.
Product Application
Mechanical equipment, electronic technology, instrumentation锛宼elecommunication, information technology,LED lighting projects, and automobile industry and so on.
Our Certificate
Production Market
Our products are exported to numerous countres, like RUSSIA, BRAZIL, US ,SPAIN, etc.
Our Service
We accept ODM and OEM
If there is any problem , we will reply you within 48hours.
All of our goods is with 1- year warranty.Pure Sine Wave Inverter For Motorhome price

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