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Ingredient of our instant seaweed & egg soup 
· (Seaweed, eggs, carrot, green onion, antioxidants (vitamin E), soy sauce, syrup reduction, salt, dextrin, mushroom extract.
· Different kinds of soup with different ingredient.
The shelf lift
· 2 Year
Enjoy the soup
Freeze drying process
1. Preprocessing: Make the seasoning
2. Preliminary freezing: Place the items seasoned with the seasoning into a container and
freeze it (around -30℃) in the preliminary freezer
3. Freeze-drying: Place it in the vacuum freeze dryer and decompress to create a high vacuum
4. Postfreeze-drying: What was originally water content leaves a void, and when water is added,
water content is replenished returning the item to its pre-freeze dried state
8g/piece/bag or 12g/bag, 300 bags/carton
Here with different kinds of package up to customers requried.
We have packed into box and carton.
Also pack in cup and carton.

Our Facotry & Workshop 
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