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Description-York Roller Type Cam Follower Needle Roller Bearing CF8
GJP Bar Code Number: 6935329838437
GJP York Roller Type Cam Follower Needle Roller Bearing CF8, which is a needle roller bearing also, and has a stud instead of a shaft, and has a screw on the stud, the screw could be female and male one, and there is screwdriver slot on the bearing end of the stud, for the outer race, in order to enlarge the loading capacity, normally the race was degined by GJP with thick wall.
For this Compact Bearing, the build-in needle rollers are guided by the retainer, while the outer race is guided by the shaft on the stud, these products are applicable for taking heavy loading and middle speed rotation, and it could be desgined by GJP with the sealing type also, the lubricating grease could improve the bearing itself to have longer life time due to the bigger grease filling space inside the bearing.
During the application, when the users assemble GJP cam follower bearings into the machine, as the longer shaft of stud and the contacting thinker outer race contact on the stud, the loading was spread into two direction when the radial loading was put, and if the cam follower bearing is working, the outer race will have the elastic deformation and thus to change the radial afford, the peek loading capacity for bearing radial capacity will increase while the dynamic and stable loading capacity will decrease, at the same time, selection of 鈥渂eing as yoke type track rollers鈥?column will be suitable, in General citcases, the load on the cam follower bearing is partial load, so not tight combination of the shaft is required.
Bearing ReferenceInside Diameter (mm) FW Outside Diameter (mm) DLength (mm) C
Technical Data for GJP Cam Follower Bearing CF8
Material For Bearing Cage: Steel Cage.
Material For Needle Roller: Chrome Steel Material Gcr15, G3 grade
Material For Outer Race: Chrome Steel Material Gcr15
Sealing Type: No seal
Needle Rollerl Hardness: HRC59 to HRC62
Bearing Precision: Abec-1
Static Loading: 47.1KN
Dynamic Loading: 43.1KN
Quality Control: Under ISO: 9001: 2008 Certificate
Package: 1*1GJP Poly Bag+1*1GJP Color Box+GJP outer carton+Composite Wooden PalletCam Follower Bearing

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