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The biggest advantage of dissolvable paper soap is to carry and use convenient, will be favored by many young women, go to school, work, shopping, travel, carry. With a variety of lovely shapes of paper soap on the market, sales channels are quite broad, as advertising, gift sales is more.
The quality of paper soap products on the market is uneven. How to distinguish the quality of paper soap?
Look at the packing. For regular paper soap, there will be a complete factory name, factory address, product standard, production license, health license and production date on the product package.
2. Good paper soap will generally be completely dissolved in water within two seconds; The paper soap with poor quality has residual residue, slow dissolution rate, and can not be rubbed off when sticking to the hands.
3. Good paper soap only needs a small piece, and after sticking water, it will produce a very rich foam, and the foam is very delicate, smooth and moist.
4. Good paper soap generally tastes very fresh, and the color is pure, easy to melt, lather, leaving no residue. But the price will be a little higher.
Portable scented and dissolvable paper soap is the first choice for business men who is always on business trips, and suitable for families on a tour.
No matter kids or adults, can use it easily, to keep you clean, healthy and stay away from bacterial. Let your kids love washing hands at the first time using our dissolvable paper soap.China Portable Paper Soap factory

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