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The round head dumbbell is a comprehensive training equipment that can adapt to most training.
It is a fitness equipment that can be used to strengthen muscles. Its main material is cast iron, wrapped in rubber.
The round head rubber dumbbell is made of high-quality rubber material and the inside is cast iron.
The stainless steel handle in the middle has comfortable knurling on the handle, with clear patterns and flat edges. Provides sufficient grip.
The round-head dumbbells are rubber-coated on the outside and completely wrap the ends of the dumbbells. The rubber material is soft and will not damage the floor.
The round head rubber-coated dumbbell handle has delicate patterns, neat patterns and flat edges.
The pattern ensures the grip, and when using dumbbells for training, the hands will not slip, reducing the chance of injury.
The round head rubberized dumbbell, the inside is a cast iron core, and the whole is a one-piece design, which will not fall off or break. The rubber covers both ends to reduce damage to the ground.
Dumbbells have a variety of specifications, you can choose the right weight according to your needs.
It is small in size and easy to carry around for daily travel. Dumbbell is a comprehensive fitness equipment that can do a lot of training and can fully exercise the whole body.Rubber Dumbbell factory

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