Specifications of JianDa Gothic Greenhouse
Gothic Greenhouse Basic ParametersWind Load0.5KN/m虏
Snow Load0.3KN/m虏
Greenhouse constant load15kg/m虏
Maximum drainage capacity140mm/h
Gothic Greenhouse FrameHot dip galvanized steel, or design as your local weather.
Gothic Greenhouse Covering MaterialsPO or EP film, Glass, Polycarbonate Sheet etc.
Gothic Greenhouse Optional systemsVentilation SystemShading System
Cooling SystemHeating System
Irrigation SystemSeedbed System
Hydroponics SystemControl System
Lighting systemOther customized equipment
We will design proposal as customers鈥?specific requirements.
The definition of a muti-span greenhouse is that two or more greenhouses are connected to each other in the middle gutter to form a whole. The gutter is not only the end of an arch or slope, but also the beginning of another arch or slope. Each greenhouse unit is called a "span ".
There are many types of multi-span greenhouse, here we introduce only the two most commonly used types of agriculture: arch / Gothic greenhouse and Venlo greenhouse.

Arch/Gothic greenhouse
The most economical multi-span greenhouse structure is arched or Gothic greenhouse. The arched greenhouse roof is a simple curve, while the Gothic roof has a slight inflection point in the middle. The arched / Gothic greenhouses built by different companies are different. Some companies use truss roof beam structure, some in the lower part of the gutter roof beam. In the area with small snow load, the horizontal pull rod can also be simply set between the greenhouse gutter columns.
The slope of the arched roof enables the greenhouse to obtain higher and uniform light, and also reduces the condensation produced on the inner surface. The selection of greenhouse light transmission materials includes double plastic film, polycarbonate plate and glass, which can be ventilated by natural or mechanical ventilation.
Some greenhouse builders build arch greenhouse side wall diagonal brace, this form of structure can create additional production space without adding columns, but also increase the stability of the whole greenhouse structure.
Gothic pointed arch type greenhouse is a strong structure, withstand the wind and snow pressure, and have architectural beauty. The Gothic pointed arch greenhouse allows the planting of crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as many tropical trees.China GreenHouses Indoor Farming
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